Another day, Another cubase 13 Bug (Undo history) (Graphic Text)

Along with the other issues I have discovered.

  1. Undo history in different windows do different things eg. (Undo in the mixer section with undo all things that have occurred in project. Shortcut undo will only undo what has happened in the arrangement. Yet both these are the same button with the same shortcut)
  2. At certain points (randomly) cubase 13 will turn all text into gibberish, thus rendering the program useless until reboot occurs.
  3. Thus far everytime the application has force closed. It will delete all my custom shortcuts and default all settings and bar adjustments to factory.
    (This last one is probably the most inconvenient bugs I have ever encountered.
    In 3 days I had to redo my shortcuts 26 times) Really bad for 2023 tbh

You just need to learn how it works.

Use the Key Commands dialog to configure which keystrokes do undo and redo. Use the search field in the Key Commands dialog to find the commands, or browse all the commands.

This is probably specific to your OS platform, so you would need to tell the forum which it is to get help on that.

Cubase saves the config upon a clean quit of the program, but you can save presets. This is something that’s always been problematic


Thanks for the info Steve. The key commands are sometimes just a bit sticky I guess. Sometimes it works without a hitch. Others it forgets there even was a history. For example I did undo history and it only affected the arrangement parameter. Not the entire project

Or, you might be missing something in terms of what you understand. Like I said in the other topic, we need specifics, and you are supplying your story.

Specific. I cmd z and it only undid history from the arrangement view when the last edit actually occurred in the midi editor. I redo that undo action as It was meant to undo midi editing. Not arrangement fades (a task done over 5 edits previous)… Go to the midi editor section and click undo there with the physical button. Now cmd z will work in its correct way. It’s a bit of a hit and miss determining this issue. Sam as the gibberish text