Another Detail: Colour Palette

I created a macro to assign a set of tracks to a colour by Track Name. OK, fine.

However, if you load in a CPR from a CPR which did not use the current palette, it doesn’t work properly.

Because when you use the Load Program Defaults To Current Set it doesn’t load ABSOLUTE colour values. Apparently it loads some relative number.

So when you run such a PLE script, you get a mish-mash of the colour in the new palette and the original palette.

If yer not a PLE kinda guy you can see the same problem for yourself just by loading in any old CPR and then changing the palette. This will also ‘update’ the existing colours in the same way: turning them into a new ‘mix’ of colours from the old and new palettes.

Again, hate to use the ‘B’ word, but I can’t imagine this works as intended.

I have pretty much given up on trusting that anything with the palette is going to stick.

It should be the easiest thing to do.