another display problem

i’m getting crazy :slight_smile:
i first opend this post about key edit display problems
but i have a second display problem :

i have lots midi tracks in a session. i mean so much that i have to scroll down about 3 virtual screens to whatch them ok ? some track have different "track heights (found that this is when htis problem happen)
now. i enter key edit in a midi track that is located at the low end of my session.
let’s say i want to edit this midi clip

i dbl clic to edit it : (ok you see no notes and zoom settings are shitty but that’s another problm :p)

as soon as i exit that key edit the screen shows another part of the session :stuck_out_tongue:

that is weird. if you work on a midi clip you want the display to stay at that position so you keep on working around not searching for it somewhere lost in the session :stuck_out_tongue:

(i have 6.0.2)

Do you have “scroll to selected track” enabled in your prefs? You have some audio tracks selected in your pictures so that could explain it.

you rock :smiley:
thx :wink:

oups sorry no that’s not it.
i changed that setting and it’s always the same .
now i have a session with that “scroll to selected track” deselected + i select only the track i’m editing … and the display position jumps the same way :S