another evil bug with track import form other project

Another evil bug when track importing form other project:

when importing from one projekt to another - all tracks lose their CROSSFADES !!

Any idear?


Can not confirm.
Works fine here.


I can confirm. Had the same problem on my recent project.

Is this from N8 <=> N8 or from N8 <=> N7

I am doing this regulary, done some tests after seeing your report, and can not confirm.
So there must be a variable, which we need to find.


Don’t know if it is (or will be) relevant to your Nuendo product, but just to note, I did see this entry listed in the latest v9.5.20 Cubase Update History log :-
"CAN-12613 Import - An issue has been resolved where crossfades were not correctly imported when using “Import Tracks from Project”.

Maybe its important… maybe it really applies to Cubase only… I am posting just for info’s sake. (there again, someone could try importing a Cubase project with crossfades into N8 and see what happens).


Can’t confirm for N7 <-> N7 and N7 → N8.
Does not happen here.

Its from 8.1 <=> 8.1 - project was saved as Backup to “freez” DOP stuff.
Usually you will get the “corrupt project/ can’t save” BUG when you don’t render DOP as "make permanet!

I can reproduce this whole bug 10 out of 10!
Just import some tracks (with edited stuff and crossfades of course) into another project.
10 out of 10 the crossfades are skiped and all the clips are just faded out or faded in now …

I’m working an o wildlife show which has about 80 tracks of backgrounds, foregrounds, animals stuff, foleys and so on. We work in two Studios to be fast. We tried to combine our two sessions - and, things f*cked up. After exporting an track-archive (XML) as reference, and importing this, things are back to normal! So the solution was to use a reference XML … wired!

"CAN-12613 Import - An issue has been resolved where crossfades were not correctly imported when using “Import Tracks from Project”.

Yes, thats exactlly what it is! Let´s hope the upcoming Nuendo update might inculde the fix…
if the update might even come before Nuendo 9 is released …

Tested and can’t confirm.
Imported a track with no DOP applied and a track to which i applied DOP.
Both import correctly.


It’s not working here…
But, try a serious amount for tracks and clips … we had 80+ with hundred of clips (sessions about 15 GB!) … maybe it’s that…
but i also had the same bug with just some tracks…

Other bug with export/import tarck:
Audio files not copy to the AUDIO folder.
When I use Import Track Archive, Cubase/Nuendo create a new MEDIA folder, within the project folder, and all audio file are placed there. Why?
And there is some other serious file handling problem.

Yeah, it is still a bit messy and not predictable !

I think you are mixing up different things.
The OP talks abiout importing tracks from another project.
The is NOT the same as Export/import track archive.

Exporting tracks / importing track archive does, and must, create a media folder, because the feature is meant for exchanging tracks between projects/users. Think about it as AAF/OMF transfer on stereoides.
So in my book, this behaviour is 100% correct.


This has happened to me before as well. To be clear on IMPORT from a session file. Tested from Cubase 9 and Nuendo 7. Crossfades did not come through. I reported a while back. Track archive functions fine over here.

I can repro the lost x fades bug when importing tks from a N8 project that has been a N7 project earlier. Instead of x fades a fade in overlays a fade out.
This happens on stereo and 5.1 trackes. No DOP.