Another example of unwanted jumping

When prepping pit parts, I frequently change from multi-bar rests to none and back to check page turns, layout, add a split, or to add cues and new material etc.

Even if I have an item selected, the display does not stick with my selected item. Instead, it stays with the current page number. Switching from multi-bar rests to None moves me to many pages before the part I’m currently editing and I have to find my current page.

I believe better behaviour would be to continue to display the page containing the currently selected item.

If I don’t have a currently selected item (eg I’ve just clicked on the background), I would hope for similar behaviour - staying with my current page (not the current page number).


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Thanks for letting me know about this. I assume you’re using the Toggle Bar Consolidation command via a shortcut or the jump bar? (If not, you might try adding that to your arsenal, if it’s something you do often.)

The problem here is actually a lack of a jump: Dorico doesn’t attempt to keep the selection in view, so the view just stays where it was. What we should do instead is actively bring the selection into view. I’ve made a note of this.

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Thanks, Daniel. Yes, I’ve set a keyboard shortcut to toggle - the keytops are wearing out, I use it so much :o)

The jump bar is, in my opinion, the most ingenious feature in Dorico. A long time ago I made a jump bar alias “fad” for “filter all dynamics,” and it has saved me so much time and the fact that I can just type jfad to execute the command is brilliant. A few days ago I found myself repeatedly going to the Write menu to Calculate Harp Pedals, so I created a jump bar alias “chp” for that. The real beauty here is that the jump bar aliases are so easy to remember and it’s an incredibly fast way to do repetitive things. Bravo, Daniel, for inventing this ingenious thing.


…tis a beautiful irony that one would use the jump bar and experience a “lack of a jump” :grin:

/btw, I love the jump bar too!!!