Another formatting question from "First Steps"

One of the tasks in the “First steps” tutorial was to add tempo markings. In the attached file I have been unable to properly place the “Accdelerando…rit…A Tempo” as will be obvious when you open it.Again, I believe I simply placed the caret where the lesson told me. Ultimately I believe I had to shorten the first group of dots to make it work at all. Any guidance to put all markings in 56-59 together on one line would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Manny .
Walzer-Capricen.dorico (1.5 MB)

In order for tempo markings to align automatically, they need to abut exactly. That is, the previous one needs to end at the same position where the next one begins.

In your project:

  • In Write mode, select the accel. in b56
  • Press Shift-Alt-Right Arrow to lengthen it

You should see it now aligns with the next rit.

To input this correctly from scratch: possibly easiest to input the notes first, then

  • In b56, select the first F
  • In b59, Ctrl/Cmd-click the second F (ie the note immediately before the E on beat 3)
  • Press Shift-T
  • Enter “accelerando”
  • Press Return

Same principle as the “Adding tempo marks” task earlier, in terms of what notes to select in order to have the required duration spanned.

Sincere thanks, Lillie. I will try it. Perhaps I incorrectly executed the tutorial instructions. BTW, learning Dorico is challenging but what it does “under the hood” is beyond magical. I am in total awe.