Another Groove agent pack but no Halion

Another Groove agent pack but no Halion Pack
Nothing has change with Halion no expansions
From Steinberg

Steinberg did mention that they would be making expansions for Halion 6/Halion Sonic 3, but sample libraries take a long time to make.

Keep in mind that the Groove Agent expansion released today doesn’t have new samples, it just adds new mixer presets and grooves for the existing drum kits. This also takes time to make of course, but nowhere as much as a brand new sample library with multiple articulations, and possibly round robin and legato samples.

I just bought Halion 6 and think it is great and with a lot of contents and sounds and I don’t think I will never use all in all my life so personally I don’t need any expansion for the next 10 years! :smiley:

well, actualy I do not understand WHY Steinberg, do not offer more expansions for Halion and Grove agent in general. A Huge selection would make sales go up like crasy. And why always so much rock, pop and urban. Music is also EDM and for some reason we have to go find that stuff else where.
Huge choire expansion is also a must for Steinberg, wounder if they ever heard the choires in Omnisphere in comparison? Step it up Steinberg hire people or get som help from Yamaha. what ever the reason, get it done!!!

The Choirs and Voices in Omnisphere are from Spectrasonics own Sample CD-Libraries “Symphony of Voices” and “Vocal Planet”. I bought this libraries on Ebay very cheap, 15,00€ each, for a few years. I imported it in HALion without problems and have a fantastic Vocal and Choir - Library in HALion.