Another issue with Tenor G clefs...

There have been prior discussions about the fact that Ottava clefs don’t transpose. I’ve come across another symptom of the problem: I want to have a Cue showing a vocal Tenor line in a Treble clef instrumental part.

I get a courtesy Treble clef at the end of the line, before the part plays, but I don’t get a Tenor G8 clef at the start of the Cue. The “Transposed clef” switch in the Properties pane doesn’t offer Ottava clefs. Currently, it seems the only way of showing that it’s an octave lower is with the “Tenor 8ba” text.

I know that the team is aware of the need for sorting out ottava clefs, but I just thought I’d add this particular usage case to the pile.

We deliberately limited the number of clefs that can be shown in cues to the common ones: but you should be able to add a real clef at that position if you really need to show the octave clef.

On a (hopefully) related note: from Finale I’m used to having tenor and baritone saxes in bass clef if I’m viewing the score in concert pitch. Thanks to a previous thread of benwiggy I found the “workaround” to manually add a treble clef and set it to bass clef if viewing in concert pitch. Now, I have an instrument change from tenor sax to a clarinet and in the part it shows a courtesy treble clef despite the fact that a treble clef is already shown for the part (which is in transposed pitch).

See the courtesy clef at the end of the system? That’s for the instrument change, and it’s redundant; and as far as I’ve seen I can’t hide it.