Another KERNEL crash

Just wav file loaded, and i was just cutting some sections out. No VSTs, no FX etc, just a plain wav file.
Getting very predictable now.
I just want to work, not fault find, post screen shots etc, just be productive. Not going to happen with CB it seems.
If there was a way to get a refund on this id go for it and move on. Never have i had such a problematic program, and not at this price. Disgusting IMO.

Cubase 64bit 2021.5.27 (677.8 KB)

You need to be the engineer, and reformat your computer from scratch, and be very careful and do research about how to install each thing that you do and do testing as you go. Take notes, so that you can be effective in backtracking if you need to.

Back up all your needed files, Cubase settings, etc, instead of relying on Windows to retain personal files, so that you can wipe everything.

check what version your BIOS is, and if there is an update. read your Motherboard manual, follow instructions, do research. Make an assessment if you believe it’s a needed step.

When you reformat, all PCI peripherals should be taken out (when the computer is off), and the only PCI peripheral that should be connected (obviously) is the GPU.

Don’t install the drivers. Let Windows Update completely update however long it takes. double check it has completely finished by restarting the computer and then run WIndows update again.

Now install Cubase, and test it.

It’s likely Windows 10 update, installed your GPU drivers, crosscheck the GPU drivers version you have installed to what is available for download from the NVIDIA site.

If there are more recent drivers, download them, install.

Test Cubase.

Now install your Audio interface, drivers - follow the instructions.

Test Cubase.

finishing installing your PCI peripherals one at a time. turning computer off, inserting, turning computer on, installing drivers, test Cubase, repeat.

continue installing your stuff, testing as you. start with bare essentials. no video codecs or players, or anything until bare essentials are installed and you’ve tested thoroughly.

I just suspect you have a very messy system, and you haven’t done a clean install in a while.