Another modern forum platform with MASSES of wasted screen space

I’m not against progress, but this is yet more moderisation rubbish.

So much wasted white space.

Not a fan so far.


Ohhhhh , i consider this forum as a decongested , inspiring ,spacious workings space with room to breath , if you don’t like the white space why not turn it black ? :grin:

Keep in mind that this is a platform agnostic approach. The wasted space is to keep things mobile friendly. I don’t like it much either because I guess I’m one of the last vestige of people who would rather get kicked in the nuts than work/play on a phone or tablet. Big screens all the way here. But, I know that a huge % of users are trolling forums on their phone.

A good platform would know if you are on a mobile device or a desktop and adjust this stuff automatically.

I’m liking it- the functionality is so far beyond phpBB that the spacious expanses are not a bother.

This is great , especially as int’s in it’s infant stage

white space would be all kinds of crazy good IF scrolling wasn’t a thing.
Ugh to the extra scrolling… much harder to skim things quickly.