Another nice-to-have for the future

Ability to chain text frames to music frames

How exactly would that work?

This one has come up before, I believe. The ability to chain text frames together is somewhat related, allowing Dorico greater functionality regarding text-heavy projects. That is, the text spills into the next text frame when it’s full, just like music frames work.

Indeed it has come before – trust me I know :wink:
Text that flows between text frames would make editing opera comique and operette scores really easier than today.
Those are features that would probably come in version 5 or 6, once the team has dealt with all the music features… but that’s my bet, it has absolutely no value. Time to go to bed, I guess!

Indeed, Marc. After all, tomorrow’s a big day :wink:

True, but this sounds different, as if the OP wanted to alternate text with music, and I wondered how that would work.

My reading of it is that basically it’s a desire for a Text Frames that behave like Shift+(Alt+)+X text - they would remain tied to a specific rhythmic location, but would have the bells and whistles: fully-fledged formatting, ability to use tokens etc.

This could be very useful for musicals…

This is for an operetta project where sung music and spoken narration are interspersed throughout the piece. Currently the music frames may grow to additional pages or shrink to fewer pages (as they should) and the text frames stay where they were. What I envision is text frames that act as if they were text in music frames where the order would remain the same. I thought about alt-x text but I don’t want to tie the text to a particular point in the music.

What about music frames with the option to enter text as well, for example above and below the music? Headers and footers?