Another Polish: Colour Of Lane Points

At some point, the selected ‘points’ in automation lanes all became the same colour: black. So you have NO idea which points are selected or not (unless, I guess the white ‘box’ is visible).

This is another regression for no good reason I can understand. One hesitates to use the ‘B’ word but that’s really what it is. Surely it can’t be ‘as designed’.

And it seems like whining (in the desert) given all the ‘stuff’ Cubase does, but the cumulative effect of all these tiny backward steps is a rather large PITA.

I know people want ‘F/R’ to be about ‘real’ stuff, but for me, this small stuff is as real as it gets.

It’s not minor stuff.

These are the things that I come across and really don’t stop to wonder why for more than a sec, because you have work to do. But I imagine that the little things prevent me from wating to use features, it’s like I have a hesitation. I don’t trust it if minor things are overlooked. It’s like a multivitamin tin with some of the ingrdients spelled wrong… over years and years.

Do they read this stuff? Please have some pride and fix some of these things.