Another post about nor being able to run Noteperformer on Dorico 4

Hi everyone.

I downloaded the trial version of Dorico 4, and while I’m loving it alwill probably purchase it, I’m unable to run Noteperformer (v.3.3.2). I’ve changed the default playback template as specified, but while I’ve managed to make HALion work, I hear nothing when routing to NP

Here’s the diagnostics file and a screencap of what I get when clicking the “e” sign on the NP route. What I see is not what the NP help document shows (it shows screencaps based on Dorico 3 while it should show the NP-Dorico custom soundtable).

Dorico (817.0 KB)

I’ve read something about Dorico 4 requiring Rosetta, but I understand that’s only for Mac users, while I’m running Win 10.

Thank you very much

Just a thought… Have you completed step 3? Until NP assigns sounds it won’t display its mixer and it won’t assign sounds unless you rewind the playhead to the beginning of your score.

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Welcome to the forum, @Snake_Cake. On the whole everything looks OK in your diagnostics; in particular, NotePerformer itself is loading (as we can see by the fact that you can see its interface), and I can also see that the playback template is being loaded by Dorico.

However, I do see a couple of warnings that Dorico’s unable to find a streaming port for output, which suggests some kind of audio device-level problem. If you take a look in Edit > Device Setup, does everything look OK in there? Do you have the right outputs chosen? If you look in the General Low-latency ASIO Driver interface, does everything look OK in there, too?

If none of that helps, I expect my colleague @Ulf will have some more ideas for you.

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To be honest, also I can’t find anything wrong and I am wondering why it does not load properly.
@Snake_Cake , what if you start a new project from piano template, enter a few notes and then go to Play mode and then apply the NotePerformer template (Play > Playback Template), does NotePerformer then load properly and does sound?
If not, my proposal would be to reinstall NotePerformer…

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Thank you all for the replies.

@Janus and @dspreadbury: Already did that.

@Ulf it’s that! Well, kind of. It worked. I was opening the Drozdoff piece and an imported piece and NP wasn’t working despite already having set it as the Default Playback Template. Turns out it need to do Play > Playback Template > Noteperformer nevertheless.

Thanks a lot for the swift responses!

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