Another Quadrafuzz V1 Topic

I have few questions about it:

1.- Who developed Quadrafuzz V1 originally?

2.- Why this one wasn’t part of the legacy?

3.- Why Quadrafuzz V2 doesn’t have the same presets or algorithm from V1?

3.- Do you think is possible to emulate Quadrafuzz V1 in Quadrafuzz V2?

Quadrafuzz V2 sounds totally different, until today I cannot understand why a plugin that is loved for everyone was just quit off from the legacy…

I love(ed) QFv1 too so much. I can only assume that either there was a license claim or the plug in engineers were not that focused on the special “harshness” of V1 when working on V2. V1 was kind of rude and agressive and had a very obvious presence when you put it on a track.
Many settings of it were never used by myself, I liked more the kind-of saturation it brought to higher frequencies when you tweaked the frequency bands , lowering bit of mids, higher level of high mids and BANG the bass drum gently cut through the mix w/o beging in your face!

I tried to achieve the same results with V2 and I can say it does something in that direction but I still fell it is quite softer and missing some harmonic distortion. V2 is a cool plugin though, like the delays and ducking of it, gives you a lot of creativity. But to be honest, I was never looking for these features in the V1-genius, so I was even wondering, why’s that now included?

V1 should come back, with a bit of redesing for sure, better internal caluculation etc. to match the newer audio engine (64bit etc.) but with focus on the harshness and simplicity of V1.

My 2 cents…

I know you could bridge V1 into 10.5.20 but I don’t want anything like that in my setup…

1.Craig Anderton
2. 3. 4. - original QuadraFuzz now plugin for Digital Performer 10, and now its called MultiFuzz

Do you mean Craig Anderton developed as well the VST of Cubase? Quadrafuzz V1?

Here it is a video about the plug for DP

Pitty that you could not get it as a VST

Thank you but my question is if the Quadrafuzz V1 dll (originally in Cubase) was developed by Craig Anderton (who I guess developed the hardware)

Looking at the plugin GUI I’d say that he did that DLL as well, yes
CUBASE SX QuadraFuzz.jpg