Another question about Root Key and transpose on MIDI notes

Another question about Root Key and transpose of MIDI notes

Here is my user issue; On a MIDI instrument, like “Padshop”, the Root Key can be modified using Transpose, example:

  • I have a track on where root key is in F#, and I want to make a melody, but in a MIDI Piano controller I know better the scale starting from C

  • Solution: I write the melody on C and then with transpose I up to F# until now all is perfect (I know I can also up the written notes to F# (easier) but for explain my question, lets do it with transpose.)

but here comes the BUT

This solution of transpose works only for hear the melody written on C, at F# when is reproduced directly on sequencer/piano roll, or if I play with the mouse.

My question is if there is an option to enable for hear on F# also when I play outside with the piano MIDI controller? I know there are some plugins like “pitch shifting from Waves” than can make the trick… But I would like to know, if this trick can be done only with Cubase

Thanks in advance!

Yes, using the Input Transformer to do the transposition. See

Thank you very much by the tip Steve, but … I feel a bit lost…

I already opened the input transformer, but I have no idea of what to do now for make transposition with this tool… can you assessors me?

I really appreciate your help and patience

Did you visit the manual page I linked?

Yes I did, but there is no info of how to solve my user issue with the Input Transformer, is a bit confusing but im still very interested on know how do you make with that tool…

for the moment I got what I was looking for with: MIDI modifiers

Are you on Cubase Pro, Artist or Elements?

on Cubase pro 9.5

If you are on Pro be sure to use that manual- they’re different in many ways.

Also, check out this MIDI Insert version of MIDI Modifiers. This transposes incoming notes, (what you play on the keyboard) whereas the one you linked to transposes outgoing notes: