Another request for more track controls directly on the track headers.

This has been requested many times over the years and is the one of the biggest time killers/click-and-navigate-adders with Cubase for me (and clearly others): In all other DAWs I’ve seen or used there is (at the minimum) a volume and pan control on the header for every kind of track. Having to click first on the header, then navigate over to the inspector, then sometimes have to click again because the right inspector page isn’t open, than finally click on and adjust the volume or pan, vs. simply clicking once on the header of the track and directly adjusting pan or volume (and many other controls in some other DAWs) on the track header is a night-and-day difference in speed and fluidity.

For those who for whatever reason would like to click and navigate more, it would be configurable as all the other track controls currently are in Cubase. Many other DAWs have even more options than volume and pan for the track headers, such as inserts, sends, etc. – and again, all configurable so if you don’t want to see them you don’t have to.

Whenever I use Pro Tools and some other DAWs, this issue in Cubase stands out greatly.

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Now, I like that idea - alot…! Anything ‘extra’ that doesn’t involve messing with the heights of tracks, is good in my book. Would like a Pan control like I’ve seen in Reaper too…

Yes it would be good for quick adjust volume rather than having to rely on inspector. Could simply be a different modifier for pan clicking on the same track meter.

Would it ever be nice to have devs in here discussing these things with us - it’s difficult to gauge if they even see our posts and %90 of the stuff I see in this thread - would make their program better in such a way that… they would profit from having a better a program.

Well alt-click on small meter is already reserved for resetting peaks, So ctrl could be used for small pop-up fader, ctrl+shift could be for pan.

Right clicking on it as it stands does have a pop up menu for meter settings.

I feel that right-clicking or modifiers aren’t necessary at all, and it should be kept stupid simple. The fastest and most workflow enhancing way is to simply have it be a value box like it is on the other DAWs, where you can adjust it easily without having to right-click/use a mod key, or do anything else – simply click and move. On PT the value box for volume or pan automatically turns into a little fader when you click and move it, which is perfect. I’m asking to make it as least click and mod-key heavy as possible. :slight_smile:

I vote for click-hold (1.5 secs?) to adjust track volume. And CH+shift? for pan? Or something else, just implement the thing! :slight_smile:


I’m going to post again because today I worked on Pro Tools all day for a vocal session. We need lots of support for this because it will make people’s lives much easier if they want to move faster and more efficiently. Having everything available in the track header is vastly superior to only having the Inspector in the following ways:

Instant control (no mod key necessary, no hold-and-wait necessary) of volume and pan without even needing to first select the track then the inspector, or go to the mixer. It’s impossible to argue how much faster and more efficient it is than Cubase in this way.

Freely moving, adding, copying inserts from one track to another without having to go to the mixer. Since you can see the inserts and sends in the track headers (if you want them there), you can see exactly what you’re moving and where you’re moving it to. The way it’s arranged in Pro Tools doesn’t take up too much real estate. Again, very noticeably and inarguably faster than Cubase.

Instant routing of input and output on each track because they’re also right on the track headers if you want them there.

Basically, anything that Cubase requires you to first click/select the track then move over to the inspector then adjust (and even click again if you’re on the wrong Inspector page) is instantly done on Pro Tools, as well as copying/moving/adding inserts and sends. And all if it is customizable so you can see these things or not see them as you wish. Once you use Pro Tools (and other DAWs that are set up like this) in a session, you will be frustrated going back to Cubase if you like to move fast and efficiently in the specific ways I’m talking about here. The Inspector should still be kept, of course, because it provides some additional things as well.


the inspector is good,but its an old “cubendo” workflow, that needs so much clicking to set basic parameters from track to track.
started using protools for few days and the idea of all controls including insert/send on track header is great as options.
you don’t need even select the track first, just adjust what you need very fast without tons of clicks


I massively hope this is coming in 10.5. Every other DAW I see or use has it, and it’s inarguably faster in a significant way. As I’ve said many times on this forum: Less clicks and mousing around to perform a function is always better, and this illustrates that very well. No click-and-hold or mod keys, just directly being able to adjust these things immediately and intuitively like in all other DAWs in varying degrees.

Thanks for listening and bringing Cubase up to speed with other DAWs in this important way. By all means, let’s KEEP the inspector for its very useful functions and also have this addition to fast workflow (but have it as an option for those who maybe prefer to click and mouse more, for some reason??).


Cubase actually has implemented a really good fader design. If you check out ‘Show Note Expression Data’ in the key editor, there is a little triangle that if you click on it, a fader pops up. A few of these in the track header would work a treat.

This is Ok if you enjoy huge track heights. I for one enjoy low track heights as it make navigating much faster.

Yes, as I said, it should all be an option for those who don’t want it (just like it is in PT and Reaper – you can customize how much you want to see in the track headers - brilliant). For many, having this stuff visible (the values themselves) and instantly accessible without any kind of key mod would speed things up significantly. When I work in PT or Reaper, the difference is really big in speed and efficiency.


And I am thinking of any user who doesn’t want to have the MixConsole opened : things get difficult in this case, as there is no way to see the volume/pan settings of several tracks in the project window at a glance.
So, we have both to rely on the inspector and to open the Fader panel. This for only one track, which means that there is no visual comparison between different tracks allowed. In the case of instrument tracks, we additionaly have to open the Instrument panel first, before seeing the Audio fader one.

So, I suggest to implement, at least, volume and pan controls exactly as they appear in their respective automation track, with the same behavior (which is very efficient, IMO). It would look as something like this, when the pan control is set as Stereo combined panner :

… both volume and pan controls being available in the Track control settings, of course.

I wish volume staging was the most slow and frequent thing I do in a project…

Yes! It would be a great starting point. Thank you for that pic. I’m super surprised no one mentioned this in the recent feature poll by Matthias, though many might not even have used another DAW that his this so they can see how much faster it makes everyday work.

I like it. Can you post the .png on imgur and insert the code in your post so it’s visible to everyone skimming the thread? I almost missed it.

Thanks to you both… :sunglasses:

brycem, I don’t have an imgur account, but if you have one, feel free to put it in and send me the link via PM : I’ll then edit my previous post with it…


I always have the mixconsole open on a second screen, and I’m no stranger to the open/close channel editor hotkey - but even I would love to see this optional feature implemented… just makes sense.

Personally, I use Automation Lanes for faster workflow. “Show All Volume Automation”, “Show All Pan Automation”, etc.