Another Steinberg/Yamaha Idea for you-Controller Keyboard

Hot on the heels of my popular Spline Curve expression data idea :stuck_out_tongue: , I did have another idea for Steinberg/Yamaha.

Recently, Nektar announced support for Cubase with their Panorama line of keyboard controllers :
Evidently, according to actual users, not just the marketing hype, their integration with Reason is superb. There’s no reason (not pun intended) to believe that the integration with Cubase will be any less so.
However, I emailed the company asking if there would be an 88 key, graded, hammer action version coming and Niels said no. Only an 88 key version with plastic, weighted keys would be offered in the future. Argh…

So, my idea :exclamation: :
It seems to me that this is a no brainer - an 88 key, graded, hammer, action controller keyboard (Yamaha already has perfected these), with numerous faders, controllers and knobs, maybe even a transport/jog shuttle wheel, drums pads (ala the Nektar) and tight integration with Cubase.

I could never figure out how to manipulate a spline curve so I could never comment.

But this I like!

Don´t like it so much.
I would prefer a Yamaha´eske Mackie-Control for Cubase. Since Years.

This would be a comprehensive control surface/mixing surface + 88 note keyboard.

For example, there could be a bank of at least 8 faders…that could be :
a)while composing :
-CC controllers for, let’s say, Hollywood Strings, for example -(there are at least 5 simultaneous CC’s that I can think of right away just for that VSTi)
-also could be drawbars for a B3 VSTi…as another example.
while mixing :

  • with a flick of a button the same faders then become controllers/faders for the Cubase mixing console…it would be completely awesome if they were switchable in banks of 8 ala a Yamaha 02R etc…(dreamin’ here, but, work with me)

EQ control :
There could be a grouping of 12, fully assignable knobs, console style, that would be as default, be EQ controls for HF, MID1, MID2, LF, Q.

This would get me to a place that I would love…feeling like I’m sitting behind a real mixing desk. :mrgreen:

really? you have a lot of imagination. Not bad! :mrgreen: