Another Tuplet Problem

Just another example from my dayly work with tuplets, that shows that tuplet handling needs a hand.

I had a “first up” voice with tuplets, and a “first down” voice with longa.
I separated the “first up”, via strg-x and paste to voice - first up to the staff above.

Then I selected the “first down” voice and said - “Bearbeiten-Stimmen->Stimmen ändern->Stimme 1 Hälse aufwärts”

And this is the result:

In this case the tuplet property seems way too sticky, and there seems to be no need for any visible tuplet bracket to make them tuplets.
And no hint for a hidden tuplet propery on the longa notes in the property panel!
Seems like Tuplet Zombis, they come and eat up your notes.

Somehow Dorico first “thought” the second voice longa beeing kind of tuplets… but inconsistently did forget about that weird idea for the paste operation …

btw. This was easy to correct by writing the voice new, because ultra-simple voice and it affected only 4 bars. But If not so?

I was intrigued and so I tried it myself. I must admit I had perfectly normal results, as can bee seen in the pic. I manually entered both voices, filtered the up-stem one, cut it, pasted it on the staff above, selected the remaining voice and changed the voice the up-stem voice 1 and had no difficulties. I’ll ask the usual default question: was this an xml import? Otherwise I am very intrigued as to why this would happen to you …

Hmm … this was based on a xml import from Sibelius. So maybe it’s an import-issue.

Personally, I check off pretty much every options in the XML import menu in preferences. On the whole, I have had very few issues with exports from Sibelius. However I have had some issues with the odd export from finale. Those are generally due to layers, and sometimes even a quick import/export through Sibelius does not solve the problems. XML is a real timesaver, but will always be slightly imperfect.