Another weird plugin issue on launch

Here is another weird issues on launching WL 8.02 on a mac 10.8.4

this happens to all non Steinberg plugins and strangely this did NOT start happening till a day ago, I rebooted and ever since… no idea what is causing this…

Looks normal to me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Nice movie, things move and flash in silence. What’s the problem?


watch it in full screen and you’ll see the problem, but just for you I’ll write it out:

You add a plugin to the master section, you close it’s window
You have WL launch set to launch with the last configuration
You close WL
You launch WL again, the plugin(s) window now open(s) up even though they should be closed
The Control window that hosts the plug in is not there, therefore it is impossible to move the plugin window…if you have multiple plug ins you won’t be able to close them via the master section because they are covering the master section.
If you can get to the close in the master section, you can close it and then re-open it and voila there is the control window…until the next time you restart

In other words the only way I can use WL now is if I do NOT have any plugins in the master section when I close WL

I can reproduce this with 32 bit UAD plugins.
One one to avoid this problem, is to use plugin chain windows.
Another way, is to use WaveLab in 64 bit (hence UAD 64 bit plugins).
UAD 32 bit plugins are “strangely” implemented. As you saw, in WaveLab 8.0.1, the situation was worse. I had to use tricks to improve the situation. You found a case that I did not see.

I noticed that with Chain view this works.
I also noticed that Waves works perfect, Valhalla works but opens up on launch…UAD is a mess and Other Steinberg stuff works fine

Unfortunately I am stuck with 32 bit mode because of FG-X, but quite frankly if they don’t get their act together soon I am switching back to Ozone 5

I was kinda hoping that the UAD 7.10 release today would fix things, but nada…they only seem to care about Apollo now…sigh…

what really throws me off is that this wasn’t an issue until this weekend after I rebooted…
I even uninstalled and reinstalled but no go
Well, at least I have a work around with the chain window for now and yes, it’s not a problem in 64 bit