Antares Auto tune 7 64 bit not responding

I downloaded the 64 bit version of Antares 7 , hit “Update” in the Plugin Manager of a Cubase 64 project and Cubase is now frozen with an “Auto Tune 7 VST not responding” message. When I close the message, I get a “VST bridge is not responding message”. I thought being 64 bit it didn’t need a bridge, but what do I know. It worked fine as a 32 bit plugin.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? If so, and it takes a fix within Cubase, please let me know.

Thanks in advance to anybody responding.

Autone 7.5.3 x64 crashes Cubase 7 x64 on my computer when loading with the message “A serious problem has occured”. I don’t know why.

Did you install the Interlok 64 bit compatible drivers?

Here’s the location:

Aloha guys,

I may be wrong but this may now be a confirmed issue. [R-4744]
Or at least officially reported.