Antares AVOX 4 Crashing Cubase

Out of nowhere the Antares AVOX 4 plugins started crashing cubase. I’ve gone round and round with Antates tech support,… uninstalling, re-installing, etc. I sometimes get Cubase to launch with the plugins instantiated just fine, then after a couple of days it starts all over again with the error “out of place engine initialization failed-Application is terminated!”

This started happening while running cubase 11, and now continues with cubase 12. I was curious if anyone else is able to use the Antares AVOX 4 plugins successfully. Again, I’ve basically given up on the Antares tech support, as the last thing they suggested was to reinstall my operating system! Really!?, when all other plugins are working just fine. Don’t think so.

Thanks for any advice or insight,

I tried to install it and it doesn´t crash Cubase 12 but the plugins are not detected, I see them in the corresponding VST3 folder but Cubase doesn´t and they are not blacklisted.

Have you clicked the “scan all” button from within the plugin manager?

yes sir