Antares crashing Cubase 7.5. Help!

Hi all

I’m a Cubase 7.5 user, using the 32-bit version running in Windows 7 64-bit. It’s rock solid normally, but I’ve installed the Antares Avox suite of plugins (latest version) and Cubase now hangs on startup - once it scans the Avox plugins then it won’t go any further as it hangs on them.

I’ve tried deleting my preferences folder for 7.5 so that the program has to create a fresh one on startup but that hasn’t helped.

Any ideas?


Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure… Isn’t Antares protected by iLok? Do you have the latest driver and software for the iLok?

Hello all

As an update - the latest AVOX plugins (Version 4) STILL crash Cubase 7.5 for me, and they also crash Wavelab 9 on startup (or rather, Wavelab quarantines them). Yet I also have Cubase 9.5, which works ok with them. Any ideas what is going on?! I can’t switch to Cubase 9.5 permanently as it is missing too many 32-bit plugins!