Antelope Galaxy32 AFX2DAW crash!

Hi all,

Recently, I got Antelope Galaxy m32 Synergy Core.
When loading AFX2DAW plugin in the track insert, it crashes Cubase.
Any one can help me in this ??

Note: this issue only happens with AFX2DAW plugin!!

Cubase 11
OSX 11.15.7
HDX Card
Antelope Galaxy32

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Could you share the *.crash file, please?

Cubase 11_2021-07-12-182026_Apples-Mac-Pro.crash (200.2 KB)

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reply.
Here is the file

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I have a Goliath HD on Windows and can tell you rn, don’t expect AA to help you with this.
They are renowned for their lack of fixing issues.
Some of us were waiting for AFX2DAW for sometime and they decided to charge for something they said would be free.
The kicker is that the software didn’t work for so many people then they began making excuses and blaming the computers…It was the exact same thing when people had issues w/USB connections and they blamed the USB cards…

So, while NONE of this may be pertinent for u rn, just something to keep an eye out. I hope it works out for you cause their hardware is fantastic and chances are, It ain’t a Cubase issue.

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The crash is in the AntelopeAudio.AFX2DAW.

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   libsystem_platform.dylib      	0x00007fff70d60e52 _platform_strlen + 18
1   com.AntelopeAudio.AFX2DAW     	0x000000014a044ad0 0x14a01d000 + 162512
2   com.AntelopeAudio.AFX2DAW     	0x000000014a03f88a 0x14a01d000 + 141450
3   com.AntelopeAudio.AFX2DAW     	0x000000014a022c28 0x14a01d000 + 23592
4   com.AntelopeAudio.AFX2DAW     	0x000000014a0382f9 0x14a01d000 + 111353

Please, get in contact with AntelopeAudio.

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Called it… :nerd_face: lol

Hey, did you get this sorted? I have the same issue with the Zen Q.