Antelope Orion disconnected after Exporting in Cubase 9 and 9.5

My Antelope Orion makes no sound after I export something in Cubase 9 and 9.5. The rest of the time it performs with no issues. It’s only after exporting something in both versions (I recently did the C9.5 update - hoping it would disappear).

It’s very very weird and I can regain sound only after disconnecting/reconnecting the device. – Choosing another Interface and then going back to the Orion doesn’t help e.g.

I did a complete reinstall of the Antelope software, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Thanks for any hints.


I have a feeling, there was a similar thread on the forum already. But I forgot if there was any solution. Maybe it wasn’t Antelope only… Please try to search.

In any case, make sure your Audio Device driver is up-to-date, please.

If you are doing offline exports and are using high sierra this is a symptom of a current issue with cubase using extremely high CPU when doing offline bounces - this cpu overload can cause the audio driver to drop out.


This is an known issue on macOS side, since macOS 10.13.4. Not only Cubase is affected. Other DAWs vendor don’t recommend to update to 10.13.4 (and 10.13.5) because of this macOS issue too.

Thanks for that - however I’m not having the issue with Ableton Live, Logic or Pro Tools.

pro tools is broken at low buffer with 10.13.4

avid have major warning articles about it

obviously it’s all related.

very sad to read this since i can’t buy a new mac with anything less than 10.13.6

offline export causing cpu issues? No thanks. Sigh. I guess windows it is.

Thanks to all for the hints, @method1 @Martin.Jirsak @TNM

  • I did a search before but didn’t find anything as I thought it might have been Antelope related. Sucks to hear it’s on the OS side.
  • Antelope driver is up-to-date

Yes it must be OS related because it started after 10.13.4. cubase seems worst affected on my side though, haven’t had issues in the other DAWs I use.
It is possible to to install an older OS on a new mac though, windows seems like a pretty drastic measure :smiley:

that would be great, but i can not find 10,13.3 anywhere, and the imac pro version was a special one. See, i can find the imac pro updater for 10.13.3, and all daws will work great, (logic won’t be affected even with 10.13.4 and higher as apple coded around it), as apple always leaves combo updates there… but the full installer for 10.13.2 is nowhere to be found, and that’s the one the very first imac pro shipped with. I called apple, they have no idea LOL.
I mean how hard would it be to ship me an imac pro with 10.13.3 on it?

Argh ok I see the problem - I’ve got a backup of 10.13.2 if that helps?

That is HUGE… WOW you would make me so happy…

I have called apple stores, service providers… even OWC who i looked to buy a second hand mac pro from, only have the latest.

if it’s the full installer you first downloaded from the mac store of 10.13.2, yes PLEASE… I would owe you one big time!

Oh man, i have been searching for months, this would be amazing. I could format the imac pro the moment I get it, install 10.13.2, update to 10.13.3 and be done with it. All they did in 10.13.4 was add egpu support which i will never use, and that’s what has caused the issues… it’s something to do with graphics.


Issue miraculously solved with the Cubase 9.5.40 update! So it WAS Cubase after all as I didn’t change anything else.

Thank you Steinberg.

OK, it seems it was somehow linked with the issue “Cubase freeze while mixdown on macOS 10.13.4 and higher”.