Any advice for re-arringing wind band for brass band?

Hi guys,
I’ve been asked by a local brass band to re-arrange a Wind Band Suite I wrote for brass band. The only arranging I’ve done for brass band before was an arrangement of Greensleeves. Any advice on which parts work well when transferring. I’m concerned there might not be enough ‘top end’ given there are no flutes or clarinets? Other things I’m wondering about are when to use horns/ baritones and when to use trombones? Are saxophone parts better given to horns /baritones or shared? Any reference guides you can point to would help.

There is no straightforward translation, particularly with regard to high stuff.
Solo cornets do most of the work of clarinets and flutes. Soprano cornet doubles these as a kind of piccolo above the wind, or else it is used for filigree. The soprano cornet needs to be used much more sparingly than flutes or clarinets would be. Saxes generally given to the horns and baritones. Troms used for orchestral sound quality, often with cornets. In big tuttis the troms usually double horn/baritone parts. The biggest problem is the euphonium which doesn’t blend as saxes would. It can be used as a high tuba, or else to double solo cornets on melodies and lines. Or it can be used to embellish.
Generally it’s far better to reimagine the music for brass rather than try to work part for part.