Any amp plugins for Cubasis.

I’m running Cubasis 2.7 on my iPad. Are there any plugins (free or paid for) for amplifier simulations (i.e: Vox, Marshall, Fender, etc.) available that can be used with this app?

If so, how do I install and use them.


Hi TimRyland,

Cubasis >create track >Inspector> Insert Effects> Internal Effects > Amp Sim or Overdrive


  • AmpliTube
  • Bias FX

best jan

  • JamUp
  • Bias Amp

Some guitar effects apps that I know of…

StompBox Band by (IAA or Audiobus)
Tonebridge Guitar Effects by Ultimate Guitar (this one is AU, but just mimics tone from popular songs)
ToneStack by Yonac Inc. (IAA or Audiobus)