Any Artist Series Controller Users Here?

I posted this on the Avid Artist Series Forum, expecting lots of replies & information. But, as with most things Avid, was sorely disappointed. :confused: So, I thought I’d try my luck here where, not only might I get some replies, I’d get replies from NUENDO/CUBASE USERS (rather than predominantly PT users). :sunglasses:

So, here’s the deal.

I’ve got an MC Control that I’ve been using a couple of years. I added the Transport about a month or so ago. I am considering adding a couple of Mix units, but I had some questions before I buy.

1) How do the features on the mix work when working with the Control? For example: The control has 8 knobs to control 8 functions. Once a function, say insert is selected, the 8 knobs now show the plugs, once selected, the 8 knobs now show the settings of the plug. Since the 8X5 matrix of the Mix does the exact same thing, I would like to know what changes when it is now in “Slave Mode.” Do the 8 mix knobs become page 2 of options because the Control becomes page 1 as default?

2) Is that banking issue resolved? If I have 2 Mix units, will I be able to bank in groups of 20 faders?

3) Can I lock any of the MIx units, for example, assign one to be the permanent 8 bus or VCA section?

4) Once I have a Mix, can Fader Flip Mode be extended to the Control unit?

Finally, as all the attention is being diverted to the S3/Dock now, is it worth bothering to buy the Mix if it along with any other Artis Series device is about to lose any remaining support? Or will they have ample support for another cycle, say 5 years?

Thanks in advance for any replies. :wink:


Operating one Avid Artist Control an one Avid Artist Mix. (12 Channels in total)

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I don’t understand the question, sorry;-)
I use these two units as completly separate units and working mostly with the functionality of the Avid Artist Control unit. (The touch screen is awesome :exclamation: )
Anyway, the panning done with the Avid Artist Control unit can be used for all setected channels as well as for the Mix unit channels.
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AFAIK and as well tested, the maximum banked channels is eight (8), even that I have 12 channels in combination available.
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Can be done with the so called “Layout” feature in the EuControl software.
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No! Just tested…Is only available on the Avid Artist Mix unit


Okay, maybe I’m not understanding the banking issue correctly. Are you saying that the 8 fader banking limitation advances ALL of the units (ie: A1= 1- 8 A2= 9 -16 & A3= 17 - 24.)? So, if I bank from A1, A3 is now 25 - 32 or do I have 2 A2’s at 9 - 16?

Here’s a video of a guy who is banking at 8 fader jumps via HUI control for Studio One. He explains how to get all 3 of his units working together here. How to connect Avid Artist Series Controls properly to Studio One v2 - YouTube This is explained at 11min 17sec thru 16min 42 sec of the video.

It sounds/reads to me like everyone else on Eucon is saying that Artist Mix 1 has NO EFFECT on Artist Mix 2, which is insane. Could you clear this up for me?


Well, I just comment, what I can test :wink:
So, have only one Control and one Mix, I don’t know, what happen with more units connected to the LAN.

To your question
In my setup, the channels of the Mix and the Control are connected from left to right as channel 1 to channel 12.
(If the selected channel is “1”.) (Can be modified in the EuControl Software).

The selected channels - whatever numbers there are - will be increased/decreased by 8 channels (bank).
e.g. displayed channels 1-12 (in my case) will be 9-20 after banking>; displayed channels 20-31 will be 12-23 after banking<.
So it is moving only 8 channels instead of 12 channels, which is expected by a banking function in a combination of 12 channels in total.

For me this is not really a problem, I just live with it :wink:
But I understand, that users with more channels than me are not satisfied with this limitation.
This issue is frequently addressed to the EuCon programmers for a long time - there is no intention by AVID to correct that behaviour for the Artist units.
(I have anyway programmed the jogwheel to scroll thru the channels, if I’m in the mixing/mastering stage.
For the recording stage, this limitation is not really that important, I think)