Any autohotkey expert ? Would like to change quantize settings with mousewheel

Hello, I already use script to vertical zoom with alt+wheel.
Is there any way to use another key modifier + wheel to scroll through quantize settings?
Ctrl is already used for horizontal zoom
poop+wheel is already used to move left and right although I have no use of this. But I think you can’t replace it

any expert ?


Sorry, I’m not autohotkey expert, but… Can you assign a combination of modifiers? Like Alt+Ctrl, for example.

You first have to assign a key command to the functions Select Next Quantize and Select Prev Quantize.
In the below example the key commands: Shift+Alt+Ctrl+N
for Select Next Quantize and: Shift+Alt+Ctrl+B for Select Prev Quantize were used.

The example is using Shift + Scroll Wheel.

Send, +^!n

Send, +^!b


It works fine, but sometimes when scrolling in the quantize settings with me mouse wheel with your script, it changes the position of the playback cursor, like that out of nowhere

any idea?

Thanks again !

Not sure why it would do that and I haven’t used this script myself.
Do you have anything that moves the playback cursor with the scroll wheel?

It was conflicting with 2 key commands triggering them randomly: Alt-N and CTRL-Shift-B
As I didn’t use those, I just removed them

thanks again

Awesome! Glad that got sorted so quickly.

Ok It wasn’t really the only issue aha. When I first mouse click on the blue zone first then do my mousewheel shift movement, it works fine.
When I mouse click on the arrangement main window, then there is conflicting issues with other key commands.

Anyway I’ll just figure that out, it’s just a matter of conflict :smiley:

Perhaps try changing the key commands for next/prev quantize to something that does not use the same modifier(s) that the script is using for the scroll wheel.
(I.e. getting rid of the shift key in the above script.)

This post might have some interesting insights.