Any Benefit To Buy The Full Version, Rather Than Upgrading?

Hi - I am a Cubase Essential 5 user now, about to come into some year end money and I want to be in Cubase 6. I see there is an upgrade for around $300, and that buying full Cubase 6 outright is a couple hundred dollars more. My question is this - is there any drawback to UPGRADING, as opposed to buying the full version? Greater likelihood of glitches? Greater difficulty with a re-install if I have to install Essential and then the upgrade on top of it? I’ve never upgraded any software so I don’t know if there are trade-offs that equalize the obvious price benefit of upgrading. If everything is exactly equal, then of course I will take the price benefit of the upgrade. Thanks in advance for your answers -

I would not think it would matter to this generic question, but just in case, my system is an ASUS, running AMD Phenom IIx6 1045 T, 2.7GH, 64 bit, with 8 GB ram, Windows 7.


I’m 99.99% positive that the ‘upgrade’ is identical to a new, full version. It is not installing over your previous version, but fully installing as its own separate entity.

When you ‘upgrade’ from one full version to another, your older version remains untouched and the new version installs into a separate folder within the Steinberg folder so you continue to have access to both versions.

I cannot imagine it is any different with any of the ‘lite’ versions when you go to the full version.


All versions of Cubase can be run independently although not simultaneously unless your soundcard supports multi-client operation.

An upgrade is a full version without a dongle…ie, the software install is not different. The only difference is the license key will only create a Cubase 6 license with a valid previous eligible license on the key.

That’s right, with a full C6 license you can run any of the derivate versions (project compatibility is also not a problem).

Oops, I made an assumption. That the upgrade price you are mentioninng is specifically for from 5 Essential to Cubase 6 full. There are obviously different upgrade prices, depending on what version you already have. :sunglasses:


Yes - the price I mentioned was to full Cubase 6. Thanks everyone - you answered my question. I’m doing the upgrade as soon as funds hit the bank account. Happy holidays!