Any chance Cubase will run on a Surface pro 11 with Snapdragon?

Obviously the new Windows tablet generation, beginning with the Surface Pro 11 but also involving other brands like Lenovo etc. offers convenient CPU power, which could make running Cubase on a Windows tablet like the Surface (as I do with my Surface Pro 8) even more attractive.

Since I don’t know how much effort would be required for Cubase, I ask if there is any chance that Steinberg might support Snapdragon tablets, while they become a really valid and powerful alternative to Apple Silicon?


Does anyone know of these will run cubase ?
.thanks in advance

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I am wondering about this too. Can anyone from Steinberg provide an answer?

This seems really unlikely to me unless Snapdragon-based laptops become very common. It’s not like they have the reach of Apple where every DAW maker jumps to whatever changes they want to make. It might run in x86 emulated mode but that never sounds like a high-performance idea. And then of course there’s the whole ASIO driver thing for audio interfaces… If someone can send me a Pro 11, I’ll check it out :smiley:

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Microsoft have pushed for ARM CPU’s for more than a decade. Their tool-chain is mature. It should not be that complicated for anyone in the business to get there. However they are many and if only a few of them fail the whole system fail, and for DAW’s there are many small nice plugins that will never get updated. And that is also true for Mac. I have some Izotope and Lexicon plugins that is very unlikely to get to ARM. (MS, Apple nor Linux) But Steinberg will drop VST2 soon so many will be killed with that.

I just purchased the Surface Pro 11 Copilot + PC with the Snapdragon X Elite processor. This is a very preliminary look but I can tell you the experience is totally different from ARM on Windows in the past. I won’t lie, I did run into a few snags, but for the most part the experience of using Cubase on the Snapdragon X is a positive one. I will say the built in Steinberg ASIO drivers did not work for me. My FocusRite Scarlet 18x18 drivers as well as ASIO4ALL, seemed to work perfectly. So far I have not had any audio dropouts, but again, i really have not done any extensive testing. Considering, all the Windows OEM builds are going to be releasing some form of Snapdragon X processors, so I think there will be widespread adoption at a miniumum for making the x64 emulation as seemless as possible. This is all just to say, I think the people who are judging the performance of the Snapdragon X based on prior efforts of ARM on Windows are very premature in their assessments.