Any chance I can attach different time signature on extra stave?

This piece will be following a “non-traditional” approach. Is there any chance I can achieve this in dorico? If not, I think I’ll probably be dealing with it in something like illustrator, but figured I’d check first.

Main things: adding the new time signature to the new measure.
Having the barline end where I drew it in only for this new measure.

I can’t help with the bar line but I think the time signature could be solved by Dan’s MusGlyph font and just entering it as text/system text? I actually did this the other day when I needed a third large time signature at the beginning.

Cool-will check it out! I think I might already own it. (love MusAnalysis)

Isn’t it actually 11/8?

Not if it is “non-traditional”… :wink:

You can give the extra staff an independent time signature:

The last note in the extra staff is inside a 3:1e tuplet, and the eighth rest that follows has been made transparent.

Edit: When the independent time signature is added, the barline join between the main staff and the extra staff is lost. It can be replaced by a vertical line with a thickness of 1/5 space.


Yes it would be. This was just a quick mock-up to show what I’m trying to do.

How did you do the independent sig?

Enter it where desired and then confirm the popover with ALT/OPT + RETURN.

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