Any chance of a discount on absolute

Hi,I have already have cubase 6.5 with padshop pro and triebwerk and retrologue.
any chance of a discount on the rest of the bundle .i have downloaded from your german site the dark planet ,and hypnotic dance and triebwerk are not working on the uk site .ie keep being sent to dark planet page?
anyway what do you think steinberg.



Hi there,

if you already own Cubase 6.5 you will get a cheaper pricing via the onlineshop on Absolute Collection.

See here


As i said i already own triebwerk and padshop pro for £200 for 3 other vst thats the same price as buying each one .

Wouldn’t that be nice? I just paid full retail online download price a month ago for Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Halion Sonic. I submitted a ticket to Steinberg about it and so far, they’ve just ignored me. :cry: :imp: