Any Chance The On-Screen Instruments Will Be Mappable to QWERTY?

Hi Team,

Are there plans for the on-screen instruments to be mapped or mappable to the QWERTY keyboard?

Unless I have missed something (and I did search a little as well as look in the manual…), this does not seem to be possible but it might be worth considering for the sake of Mac users, at least, and possibly for touch screen users for another option.

While spit-balling the idea, it might look something like this (once note entry is invoked through the lower panel, the J Bar is disabled, popovers can still be invoked if need be):

Piano Keyboard: left or right hand is input like in a DAW with an on-screen keyboard (think like in Logic), with the ASDFG row being white notes and the QWERTY row being accidentals, numbers remain as duration selection.

Guitar Fretboard: this is a little interesting BUT as we play mostly across four-finger positions it could be set in a couple ways. If you view the QWERTY keyboard vertically, with the left hand pinky on 1, the third finger on Q, the second finger on A and the first finger on Z (shift the hand across so that the thumb is on Z for notes in the First Position) then each corresponding number key could represent the numbered string. A two octave G Major Scale played across the fretboard in the Second Position would then be the following keystrokes:

H6BG5VR4CE3S2ZA - spelling G A B C[3] D E F# G A B c[4] d e f# g (C[3], C[4] designating Pitch Class).

Positions could be changed, perhaps, by the up/down or left/right arrows. Duration might have to be a mouse click…

Drum Pad: perhaps a drummer would be better at this but loosely speaking, kick and snare on left side of QWERTY keyboard, hi-hat and cymbals on right, toms across the middle?

Anyway, might be a cool feature if not too cumbersome to programme.


Thanks for the suggestion, Warwick. We don’t have any immediate plans for this, but it’s certainly something to consider, independent of the on-screen instruments.

Thanks Daniel :slight_smile:

All the best,