Any chance we can say "Thanks SB" before the hate begins?


It would be such a nice change. These are actually human beings, you know!

I agree, Thanks SB for such a great DAW and for the innovation, keeping things moving forward with keeping us operators in mind. As expected there are always bumps in the road but never has stopped me from delivering my product to my clients.


I don’t see the point of this thread. Is there someone here who doesn’t think Steinberg is made up of humans?

Based on a fair number of posts, I would say some users here seem unaware of that fact on occasion. The point of this post is to encourage a bit more courtesy and gentility all around.

Let’s see if it works,

Yeah, sorry, I completely disagree with you. I don’t see any problem here.

I knew that.

I do appreciate you all Steinberg!

Thanks SB for fixen your software i paid you for :slight_smile:.
Nah, really, thank you guys! Some stuff really seems a lot better now!

Just, please, keep working on bugfixes - way more important than anything else!

all the best

Yep! Thank you for making the greatest DAW for us.

and admit suffering from Stockholm syndrome?


Oh ffs, are we children? Steinberg employees are adults that made that product. I really don’t get this passive-aggressive pre-emptive defense telling people to be nice when we have pretty much no problem here at all. It’d be one thing if this forum was populated with trolls and psychopaths, but it isn’t.

Steinberg makes and sells a product.
We buy and use Steinberg’s product.

This is a forum where we communicate what we like and what we don’t like. There are moderators here that keep things clean. Things are clean. If Steinberg employees can’t deal with criticism of their work then they should either fix their work or do something else for a living.

“boring” might be true, but it doesn’t make the syndrome not exist in this case…

So then that’s a “no” from you on saying a simple “thank you” to some other human beings.

Good to know. Thank you for sharing.

Being critical is fine.
But normal human behaviour includes also saying thank you every now and then…

Ok, well times are different and I certainly don’t want to offend people. So thanks Steinberg for having fixed about 45 “issues” in Direct Offline Processing 10 months after the release users paid for.


PS: This is probably going to be lost on ‘you people’, but scroll back up and read the headline of this thread and you might understand why it’s different from actually just starting a thread called “Thanks for the update”, or even just saying “thanks” in the thread where the announcement was already made.

If you don’t want opposition then cut out the passive-aggressiveness. Using the word “hate” in a thread title is kindergarten level. Do we really need that crap here?

This is not some shareware dude working out of his garage, it’s a subsidiary of a $400 billion multinational conglomerate, but hey, corporations are people too, right?

So far there’s only been opposition from one person. Many people have chosen to say thank you to Steinberg. On the upside, it only took you until your fourth post to do so.

At least your worst insult so far is only to call me “kindergarten level”. I appreciate you showing more restraint than you have at other times here on the Forum. Thank you.

DTSR seems to at least partially agree.

Here’s the thing though: When yo write a headline like that you really are implying that the people in this forum fall into two separate categories:

  1. Those who say “Thank you Steinberg”


  1. Those who hate Steinberg.

That’s what you end up implying in your headline, because it is structured as a dichotomy between gratitude and hate.

In addition to that SINCE NOBODY HERE ACTUALLY HATES STEINBERG OR THEIR EMPLOYEES (!!!) the only thing you really are referring to is actual criticism of their products. And thus again through your headline you’ve managed to say that those that are critical of Steinberg’s priorities or of the products “hate”.

AT BEST that’s kindergarten level nonsense that doesn’t belong in a professional product’s forum.

Yeah, you’re very, very welcome buddy. I did that all for you sensitive people so you could feel good. It’s all about you.

I didn’t call you “kindergarten level”. That doesn’t even make sense, neither linguistically nor logically. I was referring to “it”. You can’t insult a verb. Go back and re-read my post since you obviously don’t get it.

Really? You have examples of me acting inappropriately here? I’d love to see them.

PS: Thanks for making this personal. I’m fairly certain you’ve achieved something here.

Hey, here’s an olive branch. No need to get into it any further on my end. Have a great day and make some great music!

Kindness and politeness are not overrated at all. They’re underused.