Any copyrighted free/royalty free music to use in spectralayers for tutorials?

I have been meaning to do full unmixing spectralayer tutorials (sort of like the idea of “track from scratch” tutorials) where I fully unmix music and show my full decomposition process. The problem is finding the right example and trying not to violate any copyrights.

The problem with the copyrighted free/royalty free music I have found are that they are way too simple and therefore not good examples for demonstrating how to unmix complex music. The other problem I have ran into is that musicians are not willing to let me use their music for demonstration purposes. I have found some good music with really complex mixes but the musicians are not likely to give me permission to sample or use their material for demonstration purposes. I am hoping to start a series of unmixing tutorials where I fully unmix music stem by stem and further decompose and break them down element by element with good clean results and hopefully show others how to use spectralayers to unmix music.

To add, I am looking for something complex. Something with a lot of post processing effects(like reverb, delay, distortion).

A good example is music that has 2 synths that overlap in frequencies, or music with a lot of automation and modulation. A good example would be something like vocals being sidechained by a synth or a bass and ducking behind the music with lots of noise and post processing effects.

Great idea for a tutorial series - I’d definitely watch.

Some folks who make VSTi’s have tracks on their websites to show off their instruments that are pretty complex sounding. Presumably they have the rights to that material, Perhaps they’d let you use that in exchange for a bit of promotion during the video.

there’s a quirky community (with an equally quirky website that’s always under some sort of construction) with tons of fully mixed songs of varied complexity and quality – all material is using Creative Commons licenses: