Any Cubase Native Plugins to Remove Distortion?

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Couple of distorted peaks in a few recordings I did recently. Live, improv recordings, capturing the moment.

As the title says, are there any native Cubase plugins that can help fix that?

Thanks in advance!

Nothing native, no. Are they short enough that you can try drawing them out in the Sample Editor?

Easy. :wink:

Use the pencil tool inside the audio editor in Cubase 7.5 or use the pencil tool in Wavelab.
Just grab then pencil tool and edit, write the audio waveform.
In Wavelab you can find other tools/plugins to fix all kinds of noise and distortions problems.

Other 3part solution would be iZotope RX4. The best tool for that kind of editing out there.

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There’s not much you can do when your signal peaked over 0dBfs.
Use a brickwall limiter to avoid it before it happens.
Also the pencil tool is rather there for clicks than for distortion.
There are tools to get rid of noise, humming and clicking.
Distortion is always a hard one to get rid off.
Maybe there are tools by now. But then I don’t know them yet.

Agreed to all. Though, sometimes you can redraw a quick clip and get away with it—it’s always worth a shot.

Don’t really know of any plugs either that will truly get rid of actual distortion. Wish I could invent it—I’d be rich!

Thanks for all the quick replies guys!

Izotope RX and RElife are the best ones out there right now methinks - I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and buy RX (already used the demo) or Relife as this project is headed for mastering and release.


Maybe you can use a section from another part of the audio, that’s an old favourite… Also perhaps you could actively cut the hi frequencies at the time of distortion (and/or boost some others) to make it less obvious? Or, distort the rest of the stuff so it sounds completely intentional :wink: