Any Cubase users taken advantage of current Wavelab deal??

Just wondered if any Cubase users had taken advantage of the current Wavelab 9 Pro deal that might not have at full price.

I am still learning Cubase, though getting efficient and my results are improving!! I have often read about Wavelab and thought it might be something I may require one day, but by no means am I at a level of understanding the whole computer-based studio thing YET to venture into mastering…

But, 40% - nearly £200 off. Any catch? Something better around the corner? Is there really much in the software that can take Cubase projects to such an incredible new level??

Apologies if this seems naive, I don’t want to miss out on such a good deal, but don’t want to throw that sort of money at something which is, despite being a bargain, perhaps unneccesary. (only 2 days left to decide…though I have just downloaded the trial version, don’t think I will come close to seeing it’s potential in a couple of days, as I have to work…)

Anyway, advice appreciated.

Oh, I was hoping that Cubase users got a extra discount… Still massively expensive IMO, I don’t need the full version either…

The more I learn about it, some features I just want in cubase, like the option to select which channels a plugin is processing including mid/side. That alone would be amazing.

My advice: If you don’t -know- you need it? You don’t need it.

Yes, it’s GREAT to have and I wouldn’t live without it. It’s a swiss army knife of audio tools and I wouldn’t make a -real- recording without it. So if money’s no object? Go for the gold!

But there will ALWAYS be another sale… sooner or later. Take the time and really learn Cubase. Get WL when you figure out what you’d use it for.

It still looks like poor value to me, I’d be tempted if the upgrade was about £80.

I bought it! I am not a proffesional master engeneer, but I do some mastering projects. Until now I used sound forge, and that app is totally crap. REALLY Slow, buggy and crashes all the time. Wavelab seems much faster, and goes way deeper, and it will take some learning on my part. First impressions was why do all windows and menus look so different from other programs, but i am sure I will see through that after spending some time with it.

I’d take it, if you can affort it.

For years I had Wavelab and only used it for assembling CDs and some basic edits. Didn’t like the interface and so I just never used it much.

However…the new W9 is frickin’ amazing and the interface is spot on. I use it for everything now, even processing an instrument that is from a C9 project.

I think that it’s one of those programs that you might not realize how handy and great it is until you start using it. Certainly my experience.



Can Wavelab burn a LPCM 5.1 Blu ray?
I’m assuming it does NOT have or Dolby Digital or DTS-HD encoding?


Well I’m still using Soundforge Pro 11. Annoying that I have to use 32 bit plugins, but is still does everything that I want. So perhaps that makes Wavelab seem even more pricey to me. To be honest I don’t like the graphics and GUI of Wavelab demo I tried.


Crap? Slow? Buggy? I have NEVER had a crash with Sound Forge and I’ve been using it for years. My pal gets all these problems but it serves him right - he uses a crack. :imp: :mrgreen:

I have to agree with this statement. I’ve been using Sound Forge for years. I have version 8 and 9. I still use 9, and it has NEVER crashed on me. I thought I would have a problem with 9 once I got a new computer and went 64 bit, but it’s still rock solid as ever.

Completly untrue! All my software (daws and plugs) are legit. I am/was using soundforge 2 on mac, from app store. Your signature says windows. Have you ever tried sound forge on mac? (Not the pro)

So That is my experience ok? sound forge on MY mac is not stable, its a fact, and i hope wavelab is better.

Thanks for the heads-up on the ‘end sale date’. I just ordered WaveLab.

I would have missed the sale… thanks nikhollis!

Based on what the OP wrote, I think this is the best advice. I didn’t really know if I “needed” it either. You could take Wavelab and do a lot of experimenting with dither, shaping, and various file formats and gain a ton of knowledge. But like anything, that takes a lot of time so there is a compromise. I really depends on the users goal.

I have been using WL since version 4 and have seen a lot of changes. WL goes in directions far beyond Cubase, and is for users who want more in depth editing, mastering, audio analysis…most anything you need before sending the master away. Batch processing…sure you can find something cheap or free to convert a thousand .wav files to MP3 in a couple minutes, but you won’t find anything that also can insert seemingly unlimited processing steps and output in dozens of different samples and bit rates. The meters are fantastic. For some tools such as Smart Bypass there are work-arounds, but not as easy or quick. Ever have a client who chooses the slightly louder track? Smart Bypass eliminates the volume bias so focus can be only on the processing differences.

The GUI was totally re-written for WL9 and includes a few overall colors such as “dark” “light” etc. Things are dockable or not…lots of options.

It lacks good automation, but I believe that will be included in WL10. PG the author, answers anyone’s questions on a regular basis, and bugs are addressed in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, I have read there are some that have cropped up in WL9 with plug-ins but I’m confident PG will address them soon.

I think a lot of ME’s use Wavelab for assembling only because it is easy.

Something WL is not is that while it includes it’s own array of processing tools, I think most any user is going to go for the 3rd party tools that may be better or the very least, they are comfortable with. You are paying for an editing/mastering/batch processing/analysis application, not so much VST tools.

Hugh H: I don’t know, but you could ask in the forum for a quick answer. I know there is no DD, probably because of licensing costs.

So for the OP, wait until you feel comfortable with Cubase. When you have confirmed Cubase doesn’t do something you are wanting, then look to other applications such as Wavelab.

Thanks Greggybud, makes a lot of sense. It’s not something I’ll use straight away… but it’s the price that is so appealing. If I’m going to need it even in 6 months would it be better to save now, or might there be a future deal, or might they release something better?? Also more than likely I can my money back selling the licence if not any use, you think?

Thanks for your time in responding.

I agree with this.

I have been using WL since WL4. I am now in WL7 and I -hate- it because the UI is so weird. I am considering doing a last minute update to WL9. I use WL for all my own ‘mastering’ and sound design because I’m -used- to it.

But here’s the truth: My ‘grammy award winning’ ME, masters with outboard gear and Pro Tools—and then uses a little outboard program for burning CD masters. And you or I could do -exactly- the same thing.

So unless yer a true ‘pro’ in terms of sound design or mastering I question any real ‘need’ for WL. It’s complicated because it’s meant to be used by people who aren’t messing about–people who will invest a LOT of time in it because they make a living with it. It’s not a ‘convenience item’.

However: if you -do- need it? It is THE BOMB. And Phillipe is the greatest. His customer service is exactly the OPPOSITE of SB. In fact, it’s hard to believe it’s the same company.

Now… as this poster says, when WL gets real automation? I will likely go for it, because to my mind, that’s the =one= thing it really needs.

What is the cost to transfer a license? Unlike NI, and a few others I don’t believe Steinberg is free.

Could you find it at this price in 6 months from now? Good question. You might be able to find a used license at KVR if you continue to look. Again there are transfer fees I believe.

For the stuff that never or is very rarely discounted, and this applies to software and hardware, I usually wait for Guitar Centers Memorial Day or Labor Day sale when they will discount almost everything in the store by a set percentage depending on the price.

(But there are exclusions to the “everything in store off sale” too. :laughing: Read the fine print. I don’t think Steinberg software is excluded, but I could be wrong.)

I just took advantage of the deal. I just recently purchased Wavelab Elements 9 a month or so ago. I didn’t really think I needed all the bells and whistles of Pro, but for the price, why not?

KB420 I just did too, I’ve played with the trial and it’s out of my skills ballpark, but at the price I will keep hold of it and have something to work towards!!

I’m a very light user of WL and have 8.5. Appreciate this thread as I didn’t realize they’d overhauled the UI in 9. I also like that they’ve optimized the ASIO engine so that I can have Cubase and Wavelab up at the same time.

Plenty of other interesting things as well, but the new UI alone gets my money. The most important thing is what the program actually does, which has always been impressive, but having a more user friendly experience is nice, too.