Any "dust cover" available which fits the CC 121 ?

I like to keep dust away from units when they are not used over the weekend or while I am not at the studio. I just got a brand new CC 121 (love it) but is there any cover available which would fit the unit ? Ebay or webstore links appreciated! A genuine Yamaha cover one would be very nice…


look here, I’m very happy with my dust cover for € 17,65


Danke!! Da bestell ich gleich mal…

Steinberg could sell this as official accessory!

This site is in Dutch.
It has perfect fit covers for almost every synthesizer and audio equipment, including the CC121. Only 5 euros!

I recently became obsessed with having a dust cover for every piece of table top equipment I have (at some point I even thought, why not just throw a big tarp over the whole thing?!). For some of my smaller stuff I ended up grabbing stretchy book dust covers from a 99 cent store. They look great (different colors, but I picked black in my case) and snap right over medium size equipment (I have them on my Liquid Mix, Roland VG99, CC121 and Frontier Tranzport).

Massive thanks for that link dude, I don’t have a cc121 but this is amazing, I’ll be ordering a whole bunch from them :smiley:

Update: Just received 3 dustcovers, for my mixer, synth and cc121. Not all of em were exactly what I needed so I sent an email back with pictures and 2 days later I had brandnew covers on the doormat with an apology letter. Great service and great product too, well recomended!

Im using dust cover for some Elektron device (octatatrack probably) it not suit much tight but it works - its mady from neoprene or smth like that.