Any ETA on that Eucon Patch?

Okay, it’s January '21. I realize that it’s only the 2nd day of January and we’re not even back from the holiday yet. But I was wondering if there was ANY ETA on when in January we could expect that patch that would solve the Eucon Crashes & Hide/Show issues we’ve been so desperately waiting for?

Are we a couple of weeks out, running late, right on schedule? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!

I think it’s unlikely that you’ll get a reply on this :slight_smile:
Those that know, won’t be saying…

I’m surprised that more users aren’t asking the same question, given the gravity of this issue. :worried:

It’s been several years - so I don’t suppose SB will worry about it :slight_smile:

plus - we don’t know that that’s on the fix list !