Any flam shortcut in Cubase Elements Drum Editor?

Is there any automatic flam creation shortcut in the Elements drum editor? I suspect not. I’ve been using 1/64 quantise on double drum hits which works okay, but I was wondering it there’s another method I missed.

There is nothing that I know of and thats with C12 Pro.

Really, I think flam creation or import should be part of the 3rd party midi files which it typically is. Therefore if you are just using a drum sampler such as NI Battery, you are on your own.

The Drum Editor doesn’t have a function for flam as far as I know. I think of the Drum Editor as Key Editor with a different skin and a handful of unique tricks.

The MIDI plugin Beat Designer does have a flam parameter if that’s of any use.

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I didn’t know that, but rarely use it.

One of the first drum machines I bought was an analogue Korg KPR-77 in around 1985. It had an auto flam function on the toms. Sounded dreadful, but it was at least there. Beat Designer isn’t on Cubase Elements.