Any function/logical preset to loosen hard quantised MIDI

i’'m faced with trying to make existing midi parts better on a lot of material (assign new sounds, make stuff more realistic in general - pianos, brass etc). The midi is hard quantised and all velocities flattened out to about 100.

Is there a function or does anyone have a logical editor preset that would for instance would randomly offset selected notes left or right very slightly of a piano part so as to loosen the timing of say chords or arpeggios?

Hi Mart,

You can use the Random Position and Velocity functions under the Midi Modifiers tab in the Inspector but it’s not Global.

Hope this helps?

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James Colah

This could work for the logical editor:

Thanks for those leads guys will check them out!

Regarding velocity, if they are all the same you will probably get better results if you first increase the velocity on the accented notes in the part and then randomize those a bit. I use anywhere from +5 to +10 for the accent and ±3 to randomize but might apply the randomization a few times.

One of the LE preset examples shows how to accent notes based on which beat they are on/near.

To randomize velocity change the lower part of the LE preset djw pointed to, so that it randomizes the velocity instead of position.

Randomizing by a small amount repeatedly will result in a more normal (in the statistical jargon sense) distribution of values around your starting value which is more how humans naturally vary stuff. If you randomize by a larger amount just once then you will get an even distribution across the entire range of variation which is less realistic.