Any good control surfaces people are using?

I’m a fan of a well designed control surface. My gold standard is the Focusrite Rednet R1 I use which doesn’t cost a fortune and controls my RED devices up to ATMOS.

For Dorico I just use a separated numpad (and a piano + computer keyboard) for note entry control, any MIDI control surfaces people can recommend? Mainly for note entry, I don’t do any mixing in Dorico.

Is there even support for most control surfaces yet? This thread seems to pop up every now and then, but last I had looked into it there wasn’t much support, and definitely not for Mackie or HUI. Perhaps things have changed with 4.3 though.

I just use a numpad + MIDI keyboard as well. Lots of users seem to use Streamdecks too, but I’m not clear on what control surfaces actually work with Dorico.

There’s no support for external control surfaces beyond the limited support for triggering commands via MIDI messages. It would I guess in theory be possible to write something that maps between a hardware device and Dorico by way of the remote control API, but this doesn’t provide for things like Mixer faders etc. at this point.

I use the numberpad and a Nektar Panorama T6 fir nit entry. It would be cool if I could use its sliders and knobs to control the mixer🙂

I meant just via the MIDI triggering. Trying to think of some useful way to use this, I’d like to keep my hands on the keyboard but would be neat if I could trigger duration changes easily.

Hi DanMcL, in Preferences/Key Commands you can define easily a MIDI input for all the listed items, in the Midi Learn section of every Command, including the Note Values. So if your keyboard has some midi buttons you can use them to define the note values (you find them if you search for “set note duration” and then learn your MIDI buttons for every value that you need).

Tough time getting this question across :grin: Yeah Christian I was asking about specific control surfaces people might use, seems like it’s not popular.

Meanwhile I’m using the 3Dconnexion keyboard/numpad

which is really meant for 3D work, but I’m used to it and the main benefit is the software is so good you can remap with abandon in the driver very easily to macros or whatever you want. Also notice the numpad has four custom keys along the top. So what I did is map the top four to Esc, Q, K, Tab, the parenthesis to left-right, -+ to up-down, and I’ll probably find some more mappings in there like / * to grid up/grid down.

This works pretty well, for note entry I can keep one hand on the numpad and one on the keyboard without having to take them off.

Hi Daniel, any updates on interoperability with surface controllers? I’m primarily thinking about it working with the SSL UF8. I am aware that the UF8 is primarily meant for working with DAWs, but I think it would be great if it worked with the mixer and other features in Dorico.

I had also inquired in a separate post a year ago about Dorico working with the mixer in the Native Instruments S88 Mk2. At that time you indicated that the Dorico team is interested in inplementing something in the future. Has the new S88 Mk3 made this possibility any more likely?

No news in this department, I’m afraid. We remain interested in supporting external control surfaces, but haven’t managed to prioritise this yet.

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Hi Daniel, it’s been almost 6 months since my last check-in… just wondering if any updates on interoperability of surface controllers with the Dorico mixer? Any ideas which protocols you’ll support (HUI, Mackie, etc), if that’s even been discussed yet, that is, if any plans have been discussed.

AFAIK these have not (yet) been implemented.

Thank you for the reply Derek. But have they even discussed doing it in the future?

See Daniel’s message above: I expect that is the most recent word on the subject. They do not usually reveal future features until they are ready to release or until they are released, period. :person_shrugging:

It’s not something we are actively working on at the moment, and nor is it something that I anticipate us working on in the super near future. It remains something we want to support, but right now we judge other things to be of greater importance.

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