Any good free music font with rounder heads out there? (That works for Dorico obviously)

I love the font that comes with Dorico (Bravura isn’t it?), but i personally prefer fonts with rounder note heads to both read and compose music. I was looking for something similar to this, but it’s just an example.

Thank you in advance.

… disregard…

As far as I can tell from the MTF Website, only their font CADENCE is Dorico compatible at this time… (?)

You are absolutely right, silly of me to suggest that… MTF-Cadence isn’t as round as the ones I mentioned, but quite round (if Abraham agrees with my assessment…!). Alvaro might be pleased, check it out. November is — and was in fact the first commercial font to be — SMuFL-compliant.

I was really off-mark in my previous post, because I incurred in another mistake: MuseScore’s fonts are SMuFL-comaptible and free, given their open-source nature. I didn’t remember them at first because I have no first hand experience with them or with the software itself.

That is correct, at this time. I am in the process of expanding that list and I think my Arnold font will fit the bill quite nicely for the rounder noteheads. The housestyle in the OP’s example image bears a strong resemblance, IMO.

Beside of the previously mentioned, there are not a lot of SMuFL compatible fonts at the moment.
I do hope that Abraham Lee from Music Type Foundry finds the time to convert more of his fonts to SMuFL.

If you are interested and willing to do some search here are the name of several SMuFL compatible fonts:
AloisenU - Gootville - Muse Score - Leipzig
You may find them on several sites and several versions.
Please note that they mostly do not come with a JSON Metadata files.
It means that you cannot use them in Dorico through “Engrave/Music Fonts” but you will have to select them through “Engrave/Font Styles/Default Music Font”
On this very usefull site you can see and compare how these fonts look like:

That was my first suggestion (along with a couple more of your fonts), given the fantastic match, completely disregarding that it isn’t SMuFL yet, hence the scrapped post!

Well, that scrapped post was still a valuable pointer, LSalgueiro! … I’ll be spending some cash tomorrow because of it…

Why did you disregard it? Although MTB-Arnold, as you cited, is not yet compatible with Dorico, it’s exactly the kind of font I was looking for; although paid and maybe the stems are a bit shorter and the headsa bit bigger than i wished (maybe that can be configured).

Very useful tool!!! How frequently is that updated.

Well, as I said, I scrapped the post because I was incorrect on two counts, in forgetting at first that there were free SMuFL fonts and in suggesting fonts that weren’t SMuFL.

Since you guys seem to feel there was some value to the post, here go my suggestion again: