Any Grace Period for 0.5 Upgrades?

Do the grace periods also apply to .5 upgrades or only full point version upgrades? I’m currently on Cubase 9.5 Pro and if I upgrade to v10 and v10.5 comes out shortly after is there a grace period and if so how long is the grace period?

In the past, grace period also applied to .5 updates as well. The grace period is usually 4 (to maybe 6?) weeks.

Thanks that’s good to know. v10 came out in November so I’m guessing 10.5 is probably imminent as it’s 6 months on now and they are heavily discounting the current version.

Rather not. A year is the usual release cycle.

I was probably just getting that hunch feeling confused by other vendors who discount heavily just before they drop a new version or upgrade. But yes you are correct in that the normal release cycle is indeed closer to a year.