Any hack to "control the stereo image of selected track with a hardware knob"

Hello, any idea how to setup a hack that can allow me to control the stereo imaging for the selected track by moving a knob on my arturia keyboard ? Like something that can work on the fly with each newly created instrument track.
I already have a hardware knob for the input filter gain, one for the panning. Would be dope to also have one for the stereo imaging

Stereo Image? You’re referring to the Imager effect or something else?


Do you mean the Combined Panner?

In the Genetic Remote there is PanLR and Pan2. You can sign these to two encoders to be able to control the pan width.

Hi, I mean any Stereo Imaging processing whatsoever. For exemple most of my instrument tracks are just Kontakt, and Kontakt use to have an audio inserts panel with a stereo imaging that you could assign to a midi knob. Not anymore
Even third party stereo imager… would it be possible to load a stereo imager plugin on any track, and have it so that the same knob on your keyboard controls the width without having to configure it everytime you load that plugin ?

I don’t know how to explain this simply, I just want to select a track, move a knob on my keyboard, and be able to change the stereo imaging, I don’t really care if it’s with a native plugin or a third party plugin or wathever

I think the meaning of this is a bit ambiguous, so folks aren’t sure what you are after.

If you mean you want to set a Panner’s position (which folks are assuming is the question) then you should follow Martin’s advice and use the Generic Remote or even the new MIDI Remote. If you are trying to control a Stereo Balanced Panner use PanLR and if you are using a Stereo Combined Panner you’ll have to add Pan2 for the second position.

If this isn’t what you are trying to do, please elaborate.

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The width of a sound, to be able to open it or narrow it. You see “S1 Imager” by waves ? That’s exactly it.

If you open the “MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant” when creating a remote surface, you can map inserts slots and their parameters, divided in banks, at whichever knobs you choose to. You may even want to assign just one knob to a specific parameter (this is the case here, I suppose).

Here’s where you can find more:

This is the more general approach.

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Hello, I am quite confused about what “Parameter 1” , “Parameter 2” etc. does ?? I just tried with a fader, so It basically “bypass” or “activate” the plugin loaded in insert number 1 (for Parameter 1) ?

Why is it called “Parameter” and not “Toggle Inserts n°1”


Because every single plug-in has own set of parameters.

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