Any Halion 7 rumours?

I am considering buying Halion 6 but it has been out a good while. Any hints on when v7 might arrive? Also does it have a history of being on sale? I don’t need it urgently so can wait a bit if a discount is likely in the coming months.

when i bought halion 6 it was on sale 50% off for valentines day sale 2018 maybe they will do a similar deal this year

There was a 30% off sale for HALion 6 as part of the Cubase anniversary sale in summer 2019, also a brief 50% off sale for Absolute 4 (which bundles HALion 6 with Groove Agent 5, The Grand 3, Padshop 2, Retrologue 2 and some add-on content packs) in December 2019. However, nobody knows what promotions Steinberg has planned for the future.

Good job I didn’t pull the trigger a couple of days ago. 50% off Halion 6 today!

Indeed! I was just coming back to this thread to point out that there is a 50% off sale on HALion 6 and Groove Agent 5 until 24 February - but you had already realised.

I would hold off personally until the next version. I Love Halion Sonic. I think there is a LOT of good content in the instrument but a lot of sounds are really terrible personally.

I wish Steinberg Would

  1. Give us a different reverb. The 2 in HS are not very good or the impulses are wrong for sound design or something. They just sound wrong by default when you load them on your sounds.

  2. Give us the ability to resize the GUI. It’s too tiny and there is WAAAAAY too much tabbing around to fit inside this tiny little box.

  3. Give us control of the size of the GUI elements as well.

  4. Give us the ability to sync our presets and ratings to our Steinberg account!!! That way we can take our dongle to anywhere and have or PERSONAL WORKSTATION just download into the instance we are using! Instant Love Fest Baby!

  5. Give us the ability in HS to get beyond the Macro GUI’s. Sometimes I just want to edit one tiny ting and I can’t because the GUI is covering up the function.

  6. Give us some NEW ENGINES>. Not only engines with GUI changes and calling it a “different” instrument when it’s still using the core VA engine of HS. FM would be AMAZING. A Prophet Emulation. An EX5 WITH FDSP would be a DREAM!!!

  7. Do something about the heavy CPU use. It’s time for the core code to be optimized. It’s too hungry for the quality coming out.

  8. Give us an enhanced core VA engine. The current one is actually pretty amazing. One of the best I think. But it sounds a little lower fi than maybe the BEST VST’s out right now by default.

  9. Start a webpage where HS/Halion users can share sound sets. Maybe for free or for a charge. Like a Halion App Store.

Ok I’m done. This is gonna get DEEEEEELEEEETEEED~~~


Oh yeah… One more thing!


  1. Some better Electric Guitar Amp Sims or programming or something. They are kinda awful.

  2. Some much better Electric Piano Core Samples.

  3. Much Better Rhodes and Whirly Sounds. The Core Library is inferior to even a basic Motif in a lot of ways. Time to give us the good stuff. Stop holing back homie! :laughing: :laughing:

  4. Better Acoustic Guitars. Too few samples right now. Some sound like they were recorded with WAAAAY too much high end boost. It’s really weird.

  5. The “organ” engine is just samples. Let’s get a TRUE organ modeling engine. Now…I COULD be wrong here…but to ME personally it’s not very GOOD modeling if it’s in fact real VA math going on here.

  6. Give us some more “modern” core presets. A lot of the library sounds very dated. You can tell we got some of the Yamaha Scraps.


I did pick it up and I like it for resampling and layering, but it does feel very dated in its user interface and for sound design I actually find it quite limiting compared to my other tools. I need more destinations in the mod matrix, more flexible midi modifiers. Wavefolding distortions rather than just tube drivers , better verbs etc…

Cloud presets is a great idea! I would settle for an easy back up solution though. Import and export banks. Cubase preset locations are fricking labyrinthine.

The preset system is just confusing the way it is.

You could have a different rating for the same sound in mediabay, Halion and Halion Sonic. Cloud presets would be great.

Yeah I’ve spent HOURS combing through the filler presets and i think I found a way to backup my ratings and custom presets but it shouldn’t be this hard to back yo your work!


I do hope Steinberg is actually working on Halion 7. Anyone have any insights ?

I’m surprised why no one would ever request something like an integrated online store for instruments where everyone could upload and publish their instruments for money (of which Steinberg would take a cut for the instruments bought through this store) or free. Halion could then have an integrated browser for that store. I would find that pretty convenient and it would maybe boost the availability of third party content as third party content becomes much more visible and easy to access.

That said, FM would be great too :slight_smile:

HALion Sonic SE could use this in-app shop too, just an idea…

I think part of the macro page designer needs
to be rewritten, because too many bugs
here and there.
The next thing would be the FM module,
but the best thing would be a FM module
just like Spectrasonics , where modulator
can have any waveform etc…
The fm module in Halion 7 could go further
by adding algorithm preset etc…

Allso why not add a phase distortion osc function
and a Kar Plus Strong Synthesis, that would be

I don’t expect anything for a long time due to
the Covid 19 situation!.

An FM - module has already been confirmed by Matthias.


I hope it will be something more like fm-x in mod-x or montage rather than a standard 4 Operator dx7 like fm module…

This will be an FM module developed specifically for HALion and will have nothing to do with FM synthesis as we know it from DX 7, for example.

I hope thats true. I’ve been playing with Phase Plant recently and that stuff is fm on steroids - especially if you start to reprogram typical DX7 patches and then notice how much else you can do with it: phase modulation with samples, phase modulation with wavetables, any kind of operator/carrier algorithm you want etc…
It would be cool to have that kind of flexibility in Halion as well.

Where is that thread?