Any harpists in here?

I have another blues song brewing and while a tenor sax solo (Wim :smiley:) would sound good, the sound I’m hearing in my head now is dying for a blues harp instead.

Any good harpists in here?

Don’t know any harpists (besides Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy) but there are a few Harpies about. :laughing:

LOL my eyes are playing up something rotten today and i thought the thread was ‘any armpits in here’… :blush:

yep have known more than one or two harpies over the years too unfortunately :cry:

LOL @ armpits and harpies.

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my! :laughing:

Ah … John Ward does good blues harp, Larry.

Take care :slight_smile:


Glyn: John Ward = JSW?

Tom: you play blues harp?

No, I don’t but JSW and John Ward do. :smiley: