Any help please - mapping one drum VSTi to another

Hi - I’m looking to have my Jamstix output get routed to EZDrummer 2 … can someone point me to a resource please? Youtube hasn’t been my friend on this today …


Can you tell the expected signal flow short with MIDI-data to or Audio-data to…

Thanks for your reply, krissi!

What I wound up doing was editing Jamstix’s MIDI key assignments to match EZDrummer 2’s kit, and then saving the Jamstix kit under a new name (“Nashville - EZD2”).

Someone else suggested using the Cubase Drum Map feature. I actually started out doing it that way, but it is not very user friendly in terms of GUI (I think if I had been able to have it sort each column alphanumerically for me I would have stayed with it).

Does anyone think I’m losing functionality somehow by not using Cubase’s Drum Map?

BTW, krissi, I couldn’t quite figure out what you were saying in your post … can you explain a bit please? Thanks!

I´ve thought it would be a Routing-Problem, but now i think i´ve misunderstood the Question.

Thanks, krissi. It’s more that one program might assign a hi hat to MIDI key x, but in the receiving program MIDI key x codes for a cowbell. Bummer!