Any Hope for converting Parallel Port based License "Dongles" to the newer USB key system?

My Cubase VST (Several Editions - Ask if interested) Computer that was equipped with the older blue or reddish plastic parallel port dongle security devices, has died. Are there any options left for me to perhaps update or convert the serial number/dongle system to a USB based security system? Most computers these days do not include parallel ports any longer, and a colleague once told me that PCI expansion cards or USB to Parallel port cables and adapters do not work with Steinberg’s Licensing routines. Please let me know what, if any, options I have? Thanks in advance folks!

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Unfortunately, I think you may be out of luck. All products that use the ancient parallel port dongles are long out of support, as are the parallel dongles themselves. Steinberg are in the process of deprecating the USB dongle system; the latest version of Cubase does not use it.

Your old Cubase VST is so old that there is no reduced cost upgrade to Cubase 12 - the oldest Cubase that is upgradeable is Cubase 4.

Thank you very much.

I see you are new on the forum … bear in mind that this is a user-to-user forum (even though it’s hosted by Steinberg, and Steinberg employees sometimes contribute here) so in order to get a definitive answer as to what your best options are, you should create an account for yourself on “MySteinberg” and raise a support ticket.

I think the answer given by @David_W is correct however. That will mean a new purchase, however even Cubase Elements is far superior to any version that used the parallel port dongle,and the good thing is that you don’t even need a dongle for current versions anymore.

If you need assistance in transferring old projects, there are people here who can help with that, as long as you still have the old files.

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There are Parallel Port to USB adapters out there

I have read that as well.