Any hope for using NI Kore 2 in Cubase Pro 11?

Hi all.
I recently upgraded from Cubase 5 to Cubase Pro 11. I use (and absolutely love) my Native Instrument Kore2 and Kore controller. I was dismayed to find out, that Cubase 11 won’t let me use it anymore, because it’s apparently not 64 bit.
Can anyone think of some kind of workaround? Maybe running the Kore standalone app in the background and somehow connecting it? It would be a shame to lose this wonderful instrument. Thank you!

Have you considered jbridge or Blue Cat plug’n’play?

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Thanks. I’ll give jBridge a shot.


I’m running the 64bit version of Kore2 (Version2.1.4 installed via NI Native Access) and it seems to work in Cubase 11 on my Windows 10 setup.

One thing that seemed to be needed to get some of the presets to work, was to configure Kore 2 to bypass the internal Kore playback engines for newer VST plugin versions:

Note: When I tried to activate that option running Kore 2 inside Cubase 11, it crashed during the scanning of the VST2 folder. However doing the same thing with the standalone version of Kore2 worked fine, and then it was fine as a Cubase plugin as well.

The other thing that is probably needed is to have all of the required VSTs for your Kore2 preset collection available in their 64bit versions as well. That seems to be fine in my case with having the current version of Komplete installed, with the exception of some 3rd party library presets that were still looking for Kontakt 4, which I haven’t been running for a long time. I assume I could fix that, if really needed.

UPDATE: I’ve just connected my Kore 2 controller to 64bit Kore 2 running as a plugin in Cubase Pro 11 and it seems to work fine.